Interview With Akephalos' Brandon Boling

We're excited to pick the evil brain of Akephalos' Brandon Boling in our first interview.


Akephalos is a Brutal Death Metal band from Owensboro, Kentucky. Formed in 2011 by vocalist/guitarist Brandon Boling. The band shortly released their first Demo “Hermetica 2011”, but split in 2012 due to creative differences. This led Akephalos to remain in submission until 2016 when Brandon re-established the project. Brandon considers Akephalos to be his main sound and atmosphere. Akephalos has finished its first Full-Length Album; “Headless Demon Angel” under the Immortal Souls Productions Label..

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-Thanks for taking the time to do the interview! Is there anything you would like to plug (aside from the new album, of course)? I'm not currently playing shows because I am looking for talented musicians that can really perform and I only want the best. I have a few drummers and guitar players lined up at the moment, but I won't be playing shows anytime soon -I've given your album “Headless Demon Angel” several runs already and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I use the term “old school” way too much, but, I get an old school (yet very original) Death Metal vibe from it. From production, to vocals, drums, and guitar style. There were a couple songs that I got a sort of Disincarnate feel, among other bands. Was this by design, or did it just kind of turn out that way? Do you have any favorite songs from the album? Yes; i am a huge old school death metal fan. I really hate calling it that, It's always been just death metal to me. I would say everything about HDA has a very "old school" sound to it that favors mainly American and Florida death metal. It's not to say that there isn't foreign influences. I'm actually a big fan of death metal worldwide.

My favorite song is probably "Ophidian Desecration"; now that's actually an old one I wrote back in high school. It's always been my favorite. The song was actually recorded back in 2010 with vocalist Trent Williams on the EP "Hermetica". I re-wrote the song a bit and re-recorded it for HDA. I didn't try to out do him; I couldn't, he was a great vocalist. He's actually in a very active country band "Saddles of Southern Darkness." Not to say that "Ophidian Desecration" is the oldest song on the album. Actually, I think I wrote "Apocrypha" in Middle school. That is a very old one and I just thought it would be great to add to the album. -In the same vein as the last question, since we're getting to know you as an artist/band, who are your favorite bands and influences? I can't really pick a favorite band, that's just not me, but, I'd say HDA is very early Morbid Angel/Immolation/Death/Vader/Blood Red Throne influenced. With Yngwie Malmsteen, Deicide and Vital Remains style lead guitars. My roots are actually very Thrash Metal. I started listening to the big four at a very young age and I would say Megadeth and Slayer really spoke to me. I remember thinking "WOW! If i could play guitar like that I would definitely become famous!" HAHA if only that were TRVE -I have very specific reasons for loving heavy metal, it speaks to me in a way no other music does. Is there a particular reason you think heavy metal, in particular, death metal, speaks to you the way it does? I think I really answered most of this question in the last one. But yeah; I mean when I was younger... my friends and I would jam Death Metal all day every day before, during, and after school! We worshipped it! Metal has spoken to me in a way I hope it speaks to every metal fan. Right in the childhood! -Has the album been received well so far? (As a side note, it should be, because there isn't a bad thing to say about it, and Metal Abyss' opinion is fucking bible). The album has had some mixed reviews with some people worshipping it, with others not knowing what to think, and with some people that just flat out hate it! But this is metal, its supposed to be that way! I just hope that there are a few out there that can hear my music the way I do. I just figure if I write the music that I love, there are bound to be some out there that will enjoy it the way I do. -So I'm taking it that Akephalos is very much a one-man-band. Do you do the drums and everything yourself, or did you hire a session musician for some of the tasks? How long did it take to write and record the entire album? Well; Yes, and No. I wrote all of the music in HDA myself. Minus some of the guitar solos that were written by my good friend Russ Conder. I mean, the guy is a beast on the guitar! I've never heard anything like it! well at least that I've actually written music with. I recorded, mixed, and mastered everything on HDA myself. I wasn't timing myself but I would say I wrote most of the songs in about 6-8 months and continued to write them even during the recording process. I try to make everything fit perfectly in a way that could be played live, though. That's always been an important aspect of songwriting to me. -How did you get hooked up with Immortal Souls Productions? Where was the album recorded and mixed? Honestly, Juro Haríň came to me and said that he loved my music and wanted to add me to his Label. I listened to the bands that were signed under ISP and thought it would be a great fit! I recorded HDA in my personal home studio. its no multi million dollar studio but it gets the job done. I'm hoping to make improvements for the next album and really go above and beyond. -How old were you when you heard your first heavy metal album, and what was it? What was your first metal concert? Feel free to elaborate on any of this. I was very young when I first listened to metal. The first real metal concert I went to was with Megadeth and Slayer. I didn't try to remember the bill or date because I didn't think that that would ever really matter. I didn't even keep my tickets. I wish I would have now. I would add it to the collection. Most venues are just doing stamps now though and tickets over your phone. What is that Bullshit! I guess its convenient. P.S. Fuck the new trends! -I hate clutter, but there's nothing like having a physical, hard copy of an album. Now-a-days do you prefer to consume your music in digital, CD, or vinyl format, and why? I think that digital is great and I have nothing against it, but I would personally prefer a hard copy myself. CD's are the way to go, in my opinion. I mean, you can argue that Vinyl is better quality, which it is, there is absolutely no argument there... at all, but, you can't play Vinyl in your car and if you can.. props dude. -What does the future hold for the Akephalos? Well look; to me my music is my culture. It's just an everyday practice for me! I know I just released HDA but I have huge plans for the next album already, it's way too early to make any announcements yet. There are some killer musicians lined-up but none of them are in the official line-up yet. The plan is to just keep at it and do what I love to do.

Thanks again to Brandon, and once again, be sure to check the album out and leave your comments on what you think. SUPPORT UNDERGROUND METAL!


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