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Loudblast "III Decades Live Ceremony" DVD Teaser

Listenable Records announced that it will be releasing Loudblast's DVD titled "III Decades Live Ceremony". The box DVD set will be available December 15th, 2017. Just in time for you last minute Christmas shoppers. Granny will love it.

The box set will include:

Exclusive CD/DVD digipack with the full concert - Exclusive Flag - Exclusive AA Pass of the event - Exclusive Patch - Exclusive BONUS CD containing the band 's first demo and First live show ! A t-shirt is also available. You can get it all from Listenable Record's store.

Loudblast's career began way back in 1985 and have been named "the first notable death metal band from France". The band split in 1999, but rekindled their love for metal in 2002. They have seven full length albums, several live albums, and lots of splits and demos. The most recent album was "Burial Ground".

The video below is the official DVD teaser;

heavy metal shop

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