Ozzy Won't Retire, Ever!

Here at Metal Abyss we love to say "we told you so", because being right happens so very infrequently. If you recall a couple weeks ago Ozzy said, in a vaguely familiar statement as in the past, that this upcoming tour would be his last. As we, and most everyone, pointed out it would be another "No More Tours" tour. Well, in an interview with the most metal fucking magazine in existence, US Weekly (if you can't note the sarcasm, you have issues), Ozzy had this to say about retiring: "Not until they put me i a pine box. I've just announced my final world tour, but I don't think I'll ever retire completely. I'll still do shows here and there, just no full tours."

As of now, the tours he has scheduled won't end until 2020. So, if you want to see Ozzy live you'd better hurry and do so, because you'll only have several more opportunities to do so.

I'll let you absorb this shocking news and throw an ad at you. Now go buy something.


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