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Demonical's Emperor Cover Is Old, But Good News

Chalk this up to (very) old news. But Demonical shared their cover of Emperor's "Night Of The Graveless Souls" on their Facebook page. So, I figured I would pay the favor forward. This was taken from the Emperor tribute album "Tribute To Emperor - In Honour Of Icon E" (order here). The album was released way back in 2012 (hence it being old news).

Track list:

  1. Svartalv – "Introduction"

  2. Saltus – "Curse You All Men!"

  3. Troll – "Towards The Pantheon"

  4. Infer – "Ye Entrancemperium"

  5. Demonical – "Night Of The Graveless Souls"

  6. Helheim – "Heksesabbat (Witches Sabbath)"

  7. Midnight Odyssey – "Cosmic Keys To My Creations And Times"

  8. Silva Nigra – "Moon Over Kara-Shehr"

  9. Necrodeath – "Lord Of The Storms"

  10. Horna – "Herramme Viha (Wrath Of The Tyrant)"

  11. Karpathia – "Ancient Queen"

  12. Ancestral Volkhves – "S Siloju Ja Horju (With Strength I Burn)"

  13. Mesmerized – "Empty"

  14. Crionics – "The Loss And Curse Of Reverence"

  15. Taake – "I Am The Black Wizards"

  16. Setherial – "Inno A Satana"


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