Entombed Sets It's Sights On A New Album

Entombed, which now has to be called Entombed A.D, because they don't want to get sued by an ex-bandmate, are shooting for a new album in early 2018. Vocalist Petrov said, "Next year, early, if the plans go as it should be."

Entombed A.D's most recent album, "Dead Dawn" (order here), was released on Century Media in February 2016.

On a side note, I'm going to bitch. This business of adding "A.D", or, "INC" to band names bugs the fucking crap out of me. I understand that they sometimes have no other option, for legal reasons, but it just gets under my skin when a legendary band, like Entombed, or Venom, add that to the name. The good news is that Petrov stated that Entombed and Entombed A.D "are the same thing- just some minor complications on the way". He went on, "We are here and playing music and headbanging, and that's the most important. But it's the same." He finished by saying that they "don't think about" the name change and, "we just let it roll."

Good for them, it's just a shame that one jack-off has to fuck it up for the rest.

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