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Mayhem Green Vinyl Out Next Week

Peaceville Records will release The True Mayhem's "Live in Jessheim" on green vinyl, November 03rd, 2017.

From the label- "This green vinyl edition of Live in Jessheim features audio taken from a new source. The release includes an 8 page booklet containing rare photos, extensive interviews with figures such as Snorre Ruch (Thorns, ex-Mayhem) and Maniac (ex-Mayhem), plus information on the events surrounding the show (which took place on 03/02/1990 and featured timeless Mayhem tracks, including Deathcrush, Funeral Fog and Freezing Moon)."

You can pre-order directly from Peaceville at https://burningshed.com/store/peaceville/artists-a-z-peaceville/mayhem-az-peaceville/mayhem_live-in-jessheim_vinyl

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