Metal Abyss Fighting Championship: Mustaine Vs. Barnes

No doubt most of you have heard the scuttlebutt involving Metal Blade founder, Brian Slagel, Megadeth frontman, Dave Mustaine, and Six Feet Under frontman, Chris Barnes. If not, here's the jist.

In an interview, Slagel mentioned Megadeth being one of the bands that he had wished he was able to sign back in the 80's. To his recollection he offered them $7k, and Combat Records offered $8k. Megadeth sealed the deal with Combat Records. Now, no where in the interview did Slagel rip on Mustaine, or Megadeth. In fact, it seems to me it was quite the opposite, him regretting not scraping up some more cash to sign them. On a side note I've heard nothing but good things about Slagel. He is reported to be a down to earth, professional, and nice as hell guy, and in my opinion a good business man. He owns Metal Blade Records for Christ's sake. I digress.

So in typical Mustaine fashion he has to jump on Slagel for no apparent fucking reason. He took to Twitter and said "“If the fallacy of offering us a deal for $7000 is any indication of the rest of this book, I hope it’s marked fiction. I’d never sign w/you.” Being the guy that Slagel is he simply apologized and stated that he may not have remembered correctly and let it go at that. Mustaine "accepted" his apology in a way that only Mustaine could, basically telling him they never even talked and to remove it from the next printing of the book.

Enter the contender, Six Feet Under vocalist Chris Barnes, who took to Twitter and said this to Mustaine "You sir are a FUCKING ASSHOLE.". That's pretty straight-forward. I'll spare the childish back and forth between the two from there.

The question begs, who wins this cage match, Barnes or Mustaine? Will there be another contender to enter the ring and take a shot at the championship of assholes?

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