TotalSelfHatred Album Update

Finnish black metal band TotalSelfHatred have given their fans an update on their upcoming release, which will be pressed by Osmose Records.

The band stated "Our third album has finally been mixed and mastered, which means that it will probably be out relatively soon. Something to sink into during this darkest time of the year. Five songs in a full LP length (that's a bit over 40 minutes for you digitally inclined people)."

The immediate question we wall have is, "when is the release date?" The release went on to say, " Please don't ask for the exact release dates yet though. We'll let you know. Thanks for waiting this long, it'll all be over soon." Well, shit.

The last album was in 2011 and fans of the gloomy, depressed band have been chomping at the bit for something new. Rumor has it that their first two albums, 2008's self-titled, and 2011's " Apocalypse in Your Heart " will be re-pressed along with the new album. Details are vague, though.


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