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Schammasch Have Been Nominated For Prestigious Swiss Award

The Swiss black metal/avant-garde band, Schammasch, is among nine bands who have been nominated by a jury of the Basel Pop Awards. This will be the second nomination for the band. You can vote for them by going to https://www.bzbasel.ch/basel/basel-stadt/schammasch-131790619

Schammasch was formed in 2009 in Switzerland and is currently signed with Prosthetic Records. Their latest release is titled "Triangle", which was released April 29th, 2016. The album features sixteen songs, which is over 100 minutes of music. The original hard copies came as a three disk set. If you've never heard this band it is an absolute must hear.

You can get the hard copy here

or the iTunes copy here

Below is a video of the song "Metanoia" taken from the album "Triangle"


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