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Buckethead "Could Be Gone Tomorrow"

World Renowned guitarist Buckethead revealed he has been put on medication for a serious heart condition which could be fatal at any time. Apparently, he was close to having a stroke due to the condition. The malady causes his heart to beat out of proper rythm, and he's been dealing with it for quite some time. He had hoped that it would correct itself, however, the condition is not improving.

Buckethead told the "Coming Alive Podcast", "..... recently it just really kicked up and became really intense. It's been doing it for a long time. I really didn't know what was going on."

He had a procedure in which they froze his heart, but it did not have the desired effect. Their last ditch effort was medication. He remarked, "I take medication, which is tough, because I never took anything my whole life, although if I eat food or drink something that’s probably worse anyway (laughs). So it’s been really difficult, because it’s scary because it comes on. Even walking across a room is difficult, luckily the medication I’m thankful for, because it’s kept it from going berserk, but it’s pretty intense.”

The day after his procedure, Buckethead did what he does best, recorded music, " I just lied in bed and recorded it, because I felt like, I'm here still.", he ended by saying "I could be gone tomorrow. Anybody could be gone, but that's a heavy experience. I want to play right now, and I want to play that experience."

Like him or not, the guy knows his way around a fretboard and is beyond talented. Let's hope his health improves drastically.


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