New Single & Video By Genus Ordinis Dei

Genus Ordinis Dei have broadcast their newest single and video entitled "Halls Of Human Delights". The song is taken from the forth-coming album "Great Olden Dynasty", which will be released via Eclipse Records on November 24th, 2017.

For those who aren't familiar with the band, they are a symphonic/melodic death metal band who hail from Italy and formed in 2009. They just released a full length album titled "The Middle" in 2016.

The song "Halls Of Human Delights" is the first single to be released from the upcoming album. "Great Olden Dynasty" will feature Cristina Scabbia, of Lacuna Coil fame, on the song "Salem".

Vocalist, Nick, commented about the new "Halls...." single, “The song is about God’s creation of sin, and the fact that sins have been made to seem delicious when committed. As more people commit sins, more souls are sent to the prison that God created for them until they are redeemed. We decided to represent the theme of the song in a luxurious but decadent hall as a metaphor to the joy of committing sin, but also to imply the feeling of emptiness when one’s sins are redeemed.”

Guitarist, Tommy, added, “We decided to revisit this abandoned location we used for a previous photo shoot because it was perfect. We didn’t expect any problems, however when we arrived, there were dozens of people shooting an actual movie! The movie production troupe was using our hall as their control room, and just outside they were shooting some horror scenes. We were desperate because that was the only day for us to shoot before departing on tour with Lacuna Coil. Luckily some people on the production crew had heard of the band before, and were sympathetic to our dilemma. They moved their gear to the far side of the room and we literally shot the video while they were shooting their movie! It was a difficult but memorable experience!”

Be sure to pre-order the new album here

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