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Hamferð Sign Deal With Metal Blade

Hamferð, is a little known Doom Metal band from the Faroe Islands (I had to Google Faroe Islands because I've honestly never heard of it.). The band has won the Wacken Metal Battle Competition in 2012. They have released one full length album entitled Evst in 2013 via Tutl Records.

The band name originates from "an apparition: the image of a person facing death, appearing before his or her loved ones as an omen." Band guitarist, Theodor Kapnas, describes the band as being "heavily inspired by our natural surroundings and our cultural heritage. Those aspects combine into unique feelings and atmospheres which we attempt to describe through our music”,

Now the band has inked a record deal with none other than Metal Blade records. They intend to release an album some time in 2018. The band's official release stated “We’re thrilled and proud to announce that we have signed a recording agreement with Metal Blade Records! Since we started out back in 2008 we have worked closely with our local label TUTL. The cooperation has been rewarding and our ties will not be severed completely. However, for the upcoming album and in the future we felt it was time to work with an internationally renowned metal label to hopefully help take Hamferð to the next level as a band. We feel positive and confident about Metal Blade’s setup and their commitment towards quality as the label houses many of our favorite artists and has released a ton of groundbreaking releases. Their legacy and dedication to metal music is vital. Our new record has been a long time coming. Needless to say, we are extremely excited to finally set it up for release!”

This is probably one of those bands that is only going to get better as time goes on, so keep an eye on them as they grow.


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