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Witchery Single And Video Release

The newest single and video from Witchery's upcoming album was released today and is titled "Of Blackened Wings".

The band released the following statement: “’Of Blackened Wing’ is a song that perfectly combines both the old and new sounds of WITCHERY. It mixes the thrashing touch of old with the grittiness and rawness of new. It's one of my personal favorites on the "I Am Legion" album and it will definitely be a part of our set for our upcoming live shows."

The new album, "I Am Legion" is out November 10th, 2017 via Century Media Records.

Tracklist: 1. Legion 2. True North 3. Welcome, Night 4. Of Blackened Wing 5. Dry Bones 6. Amun-Ra 7. Seraphic Terror 8. A Faustian Deal 9. An Unexpected Guest 10. Great Northern Plague 11. The Alchemist

You can pre-order the album here


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