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Watch The New Morbid Angel Video

Mark your calendars for December 01st, 2017. Morbid Angel will release their first full length album since "Illud Divinum Insanus", which came out in 2011 to mixed fanfare. The newest album will be called "Kingdoms Disdained", which, interestingly enough, was recorded and mixed by former Morbid Angel guitarist and death metal legend, Erik Rutan.

The album will feature their new drummer Scott Fuller ( Errorgeist, Incinerated Divinity, etc) and a return of vocalist Steve Tucker, who lent his vocal abilities to several previous Morbid Angel records as well as bands like War Father, Ceremony, etc. Now that David Vincent is trying out his Country Music chops, I guess he was too busy to get on board with a new album.

The cover art for the new album is pretty bad ass.

morbid angel kindoms disdain

The just released video is entitled "Piles Of Little Arms". Let us know what you think of the song and if you have high hopes for the album.

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