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Watch Newest Video By Evil Invaders

Thrash metal band Evil Invaders released a new album on September 29th, called "Feed Me Violence". Check out the video from the song "As Life Slowly Fades". The Belgium based band said about the video "‘As Life Slowly Fades’ is a fast, crushing tune that takes you on an emotional trip through the dark side of the mind. It is a story about the inner battle against the ongoing decay of emotions and the test of mental strength!This track goes from fast-paced Thrash to a very cool mid-tempo pace, which reminds of Painkiller and there's even some Death influences here and there. The song goes up and down and has some very cool tempo changes.There's a constant evil vibe, like a line going on throughout the song, which seems to disappear during the middle as the solo kicks in, but at the end it comes back like a sledgehammer smashing your face!”

“Feed Me Violence”track listing:

1. Mental Penitentiary

2. As Life Slowly Fades

3. Suspended Reanimation

4. Broken Dreams in Isolation

5. Feed Me Violence

6. Oblivion

7. Shades of Solitude

8. Anger Within

9. Among the Depths of Sanity

Evil Invaders embarked on a European tour the end of September with Grand Magus. So unless you live in Europe, or have a shit ton of money, you'll probably miss it.




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