What Will The Next Opeth Album Sound Like? "Twisted"

Opeth mastermind, Mikael Akerfeldt, told Eonmusic that, "I'm hoping next time we're going to do something different, and I hope, something twisted. Nothing necessarily great, but twisted at least."

Not sure what that means exactly. But he ventures a guess that the album will be out in "mid-2019". So if you're clamoring for another prog rock album, you'll have to wait.

I wonder if he's tired of the new sound and will revert, somewhat, to the traditional, and much loved, Opeth sound, or if it will be more of the same from here on out.

In the same interview he call "Sorceress", the album released via Nuclear Blast in 2016, "old hat". He went on to say of "Sorceress" and the new album, "I'm not lingering on it because it's old now. I'm not lingering on this record as being a beacon of hope for anything-it's just what we did then,"

How vague. Can we hope for some old school Opeth? I guess we'll have to wait to 2019 to see.


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