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This Post Will Make You Feel Old

Marduk's second studio album, "Those Of Unlight", was released on this day in 1993. If you're bad at math, like me, that's 24 fucking years ago. Let that sink in a minute. It was released by Osmose Productions, and mixed by the ultra-legendary Dan Swano. Joakim Göthberg assumed drum and vocal duties on this album.

The first Marduk album I bought was actually Opus Nocturne, so I was late in getting "Those Of Unlight". It has been a very long time since I listened to this record, but I recall it being a pretty straight-forward black metal sound. I still hate thinking back to when these albums came out and realized how old I'm becoming.

Here's the hard copy

Here's the iTunes copy

Track List

1.Darkness Breeds Immortality

2.Those of the Unlight


4.On Darkened Wings

5.Burn My Coffin

6.A Sculpture of the Night

7.Echoes from the Past

8.Stone Stands Its Silent Vigil

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