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New Machine Head Album To Sound Like "The Burning Red"

According to Rob Flynn, singer and guitarist for Machine Head, the upcoming album "Catharsis" is "like the Burning Red with Burn My Eyes production..". Flynn pretty much ensured I won't be getting the album since I absolutely despised "The Burning Red".

Remember this?

No fucking thank you, Rob.

He went on to say that fans "shouldn't expect the heaviest thing ever" and that "Catharsis" will feature "that kind of death whisper voice I do.....and it's cool, it's a cool record, man. It's a really diverse record."

"The Blackening" is my favorite Machine Head record, and an album that I've listened to probably a hundred times over. Now, the opposite side of the coin, "The Burning Red" fucking blew so badly, that I cringe when I even hear the name.

So who is going to take the plunge and give it a shot when it comes out some time in January 2018?


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