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Gutterslug Fashion Company Rips Off Metal Logos

Did anyone check this dumb shit out? Loser designers who don't know shit about heavy metal have delved even deeper in to poserdom by releasing a line of shirts that blatantly rip off some extreme metal bands. Bands these shit stains never even listened to, dare I venture a guess.

Everyone knows it's cool for asshat celebrities to wear heavy metal shirts. It's the cool thing to do. This new line of clothing by a company called "Factory" has now made some of the ugliest poser-crap ever seen by the human eyes.

Now, I guess I shouldn't jump to conclusions, maybe this company is run by some hard core metal fans who just accidentally marketed this to the wrong group of people (i.e not metalheads). If that is the case, all apologies, however, I just can't get behind the designs. I mean, what the fuck am I looking at? Nothing like ripping off legendary black and death metal band logos.

Even more shocking, word has it that they sold out already. Let that shit sink in.

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