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Select Testament Albums Re-issued With New Artwork

Testament announced that on November 17th, 2017, Nuclear Blast will re-release selected albums on CD, and vinyl.

Albums include:

"Live At The Fillmore"


"The Gathering"

"First Strike Still Deadly"

"Live at Eindhoven '87"

The new artwork was done by well known metal artist Marcelo Vasco, who has contributed artwork to Kreator, Slayer, et al.

Chuck Billy remarked "I am more than excited to have Nuclear Blast re-release part of our catalog that has been in need of a good home. Nuclear Blast has taken these albums in and will help TESTAMENT bring something killer to our fans."

I would love to see the same treatment for the rest of the legendary Testament discography. "Low" remains to be my favorite Testament album, even over the classics. What are yours?


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