Sinsaenum Announce New EP

After several days of teasing on their official Facebook page, super-group Sinsaenum have finally stopped mind-fucking us and made the official announcement of a new EP. The new release is set to be released November 10th and is entitled "Ashes".

If the music is as good as the artwork, we have nothing to worry about. While I was hoping the announcement would be that of a full album, or tour, I'll take three new tracks and three never before released tracks (at least never released in the U.S).

Track list:

1. Ashes 2. Monarch Of Death 3. 2099 (Heretics) 4. Degeneration (Previously Japanese Bonus Only) 5. King Of The Desperate Lands (Previously Japanese Bonus Only) 6. Dead Souls (Frédéric Duquesne remix)

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