Mustaine, NY Stock Exchange, Video Games.

Nothing says thrash metal like the New York Stock Exchange. Am I right? Let's get one thing straight, Dave Mustaine is a motherfucking legend. There's no denying it. But, at what point do you take a break and enjoy your millions?

He appeared at the NYSE to.....well, I don't know why. But he was probably selling some wine or some shit. Mostly, it was in support of Megadeth's tour with Scorpions (the band, not the arachnid). Tour dates are below.

Mustaine also teased gamers by saying: "I'm working on a video game that encompasses a lot of the band's history and a lot of little riffs that we've never used before, stuff like that". Not much more has been noted on what this video game entails, so, what do you think the jist of it will be?

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