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Exodus To Release First Guitar Book

Exodus will release a book entitled; "Pleasures Of The Frets: The Guitar Anthology" on October 17th. It looks like it's basically like the old school Hal Leonard guitar tab books that I used to love to buy. This will have tabs and notations for twelve Exodus songs, spanning their career. It was written by Kragen Lum, who plays with the band on tours and such. The best part is that there will be a "deluxe edition" which includes not only the book, but also a t-shirt and pick set.

Songs included are :

* A Lesson In Violence * The Ballad Of Leonard And Charles * Blacklist * Blood In Blood Out * Bonded By Blood * Children Of A Worthless God * Fabulous Disaster * Pleasures Of The Flesh * Scar Spangled Banner * Strike Of The Beast * The Toxic Waltz * War Is My Shepherd

We all know the "big three" of thrash metal, but I always felt that Exodus and Testament are fucking legends of the genre and don't get the credit they deserve. Both Exodus and Testament have been consistently putting out good albums since their beginning. I say, this book is long overdue and much deserved.

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