Distant Dreams

Band Member(s): Marcin Majrowski

Established: 2016

Newest Album: "It All Starts From Pieces"

Links: https://distantdream.bandcamp.com/


Distant Dream is a one man band hailing from Gdansk Poland. Marcin founded the band in 2016 and within a year's time, had his first masterpiece "It All Starts From Pieces", which is available on bandcamp, itunes, and Google Play.

A friend of mine who lives in Finland turned me on to Marcin's project and from the very first song, I was enthralled. The entire album is a masterfully written soundscape. This is one talented individual who I hope to hear a lot more from in the future. If you haven't heard Distant Dream then this is one band you had better check out. The music will speak for itself.


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