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Dimmu Borgir's "Best Album" Coming....Some time.

Legendary symphonic black metal band, Dimmu Borgir, is slated to release it's "best album" some time towards the end of 2017. Or the beginning of 2018. Who knows really? Guitarist, Silenoz, sat down with Rock "N' Roll Journalist to explain the upcoming, yet to be titled, album. Fans have waited seven years for new material, and according to Silenoz, they won't be disappointed.

Silenoz indicates that it will be an amalgamation of all previous records, with a return to their earlier works. He stated, "You can expect what I would consider, of course, the best album we have done to date."

He went on to say that, " we worked harder on this album than any in the past, and we have demoed every song down to the last little detail. So there's no surprises for us," he said. "Once we started recording the album in the studio, there are no really big surprises, because we have been so detailed about the work this time. The main point was, of course, to get the best performances out of each person in the studio, and I believe we have done just that."

Vocalist Shagrath also indicated that there will be numerous elements in the album, to include the original Dimmu Borgir sound, along with "progressive" and "atmospheric" elements, as well. Hell, they apparently even have a choir all set up.

I hope this lives up to the hype, because, if it does, I'm really looking forward to the album. We'll keep you updated if a release date is leaked.

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