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Frequently Asked Questions

Caring for your new weapon:  
Thank you for trusting us to create your new weapon. All of our swords, axes, and knives are hand-forged from high carbon steel. As such, special care must be taken to keep your weapon in fighting shape for years to come.

Your new sword, axe, or knife is historically accurate and made to period standards, so, no stainless steel is used. Because of this, your weapon may develop rust spots over time, especially in climates with higher humidity. This is completely normal and not a cause for concern. 

Occasional oiling is highly recommended, especially if it will be stored away for a long period of time. Of special note, please don't keep your sword in a leather scabbard for extremely long periods of time. The leather can seal in moisture and accelerate rusting. Scabbards with wooden cores are better for long term storage, but the sword should not be overly oiled in this case. If you are going to store for a long period of time it is best to remove it from a scabbard. 

We highly recommend Renaissance Wax Polish, which can be found online. While it is a bit more expensive, a little bit can go a long way, so it should last. The benefit of Renaissance Wax Polish is that it can be used on all the components of your swords and axes. It can be used on leather, wood, metal, pretty much everything, and it has a proven track record as it has been around since the 50's and is used by museums to preserve artifacts. *Note: we do not get a kick back from RWP for any sales, we just believe it is the easiest to use, since it offers an all in one solution to keep your weapon in good shape. 

Other oiling options for blades are machine oil (Rem Oil, 3 in 1, etc), light mineral oil, specially formulated sword oil, Choji oil, etc. Some people use WD-40, which isn't bad, but not the best option. 

Please keep in mind that you do not need to over oil your blades. If you plan to keep your blade tucked away for years to come it is best to coat it in some Vaseline, wrap it in some non-abrasive rags and keep it where there is minimal humidity. 

*ALWAYS USE CAUTION WHEN OILING YOUR BLADE*!! Getting cut when working with a blade is a real threat, but let's keep it minimal and keep our hands and fingers in tact. 

To remove rust or patina spots simply use some very light sandpaper or Scotchbrite pads. The good thing about Scotchbrite pads is they are thicker, so it lessens the chance of the blade going through and cutting your hand. Add some metal polish of your choice and pillage those spots till it shines like a lightning bolt from Thor. Please remember to scrub with the "grain" of the sword, not against it. 

A final note, it is best to avoid touching the blade with bare fingers. The water, sebaceous (oil secretions), and acidic content of the human touch can aid the rusting process. If you do touch the blade, no big deal, just be sure to wipe it down with a clean, dry, soft cloth. 

As always, we appreciate your patronage. If you have any questions on the care of your sword please feel free to contact us

How is shipping calculated? Most items come with free shipping. The only exception is if the user chooses a faster shipping method, or international orders.

How long does it take to get my order? We ship almost everything USPS priority mail, which is advertised to arrive one (01) to three (03) days after shipping date. Due to the hand-crafted nature of our products it can take up to three (03) MONTHS for an item to be shipped. From the day you order till you receive your product will vary, but if you don't have it in fourteen (14) to sixteen (16) BUSINESS days from shipping date please contact us immediately. You will be notified when your order ships, and with international shipments being an exception, a tracking number will be provided.

Who do you use to ship items? The vast majority of products are shipped using USPS. Extremely large, heavy items, or bulk orders will be shipped via UPS.

Do you ship outside the U.S? Yes, your fees will be calculated upon checking out.

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