Metal Abyss is the world's premiere Old Norse and medieval source for hand-crafted Viking Age gifts. Your best choice when it comes to ordering  viking drinking horns, viking gear, horn tankards and mugs, Gjallarhorn (sounding horns), tumblers and cups, as well as feastware, and other Viking and Old Norse related accessories . We hand forge historically accurate Viking swords, axes, helmets, and knives. You can buy tons of different Viking era gifts for the hard to buy for friend or relative. Perfect gifts for weddings, birthdays, or any special event. We serve reenactors, ren-faire enthusiasts, drinkers, fans of the shows "Vikings" and "Game of Thrones", the casual Viking age scholar or neophyte, as well as practitioners of Asatru and heathen religion.

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Metal Abyss is an American company founded in 2017 in the small south-central PA town of Carlisle. We aim to be your online source for all things Viking, and reveal the modern warrior in all of us with quality products that pay homage to the heritage of old. Our Viking drinking horns & tankards are hand-crafted and each one is as unique as it's future We offer traditional feastware, and personalized items for all occasions. From weddings, birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, Renaissance Faire enthusiasts and Reenactors. We pride ourselves on quality, hand-crafted, artisan products. From traditional drinking horns, to engraved products, and highly carved horns and bone gifts. was born out of my passion for heavy metal music and viking related items such as Viking Drinking Horns, Horn Tankards (we even have a horn coffee mug), Sounding Horns, and so much more. With the help of my wife and four (yes....FOUR) girls we've started this  journey in hopes of creating quality products and a bright future for our family. Every sale will be helping me pay for several weddings, clothing, and who knows what else. It probably won't help with my hairline or sanity :).

I've found that customer service in this day and age is a dying art, I aim to bring it back. I treat everyone how I would like to be treated when making a purchase. Please browse around and contact me with any questions or comments. I greatly appreciate everything our customers have done for us. This page will always be run by the core values of Honor, Respect, and Devotion To Duty

    FOUNDER: Joe H


Contributors to the Heavy Metal News Page:

Zach McCrary is a contributor to Metal Abyss helping mostly with album and band reviews. He brings a varied and broad taste in musical genres. He has a degree in English (in other words, he's good with words and putting them in to coherent sentences) and enjoys writing non-fiction, fiction and anything else he can cook up in his creative brain. Zach loves talking about all things nerdy on his podcast, "Too Fat Dudez". It is available on iTunes, Stitchr Radio and


Justin, or JPR as we call him is our newest contributor to the abyss, and we're stoked (is that word even used anymore?) to have him. Here is a short bio, direct from his mouth. 


"I'm a 40 year old guy who has had a passion for metal since my best friend in the 8th grade introduced me to Faith No More's The Real Thing. That album was a revelation, my coming of age, and the line of demarcation between my parents music and mine, all in one.  From that record I discovered Sabbath, thanks to FNM's cover of War Pigs.  That of course lead to both Ozzy and Dio; and once you're at that point the pieces simply fall into place.  By 14-15 I existed on a steady diet of PBA (Pre-Black Album) Metallica, Pantera, Tool and Gwar... just because they made me laugh.

In more recent years I've found that I'm drawn to more dynamic sounds, if you will.  Symphonic metal like Nightwish and Dragonland; progressive metal like Dream Theater and Shadow Gallery; and, thanks to Gojira, I'm tentatively wading into the waters of death.  Frankly, I'm grateful for the fact that my pallet is still expanding and that I'm not old and miserly and set in my miserable ways."